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Umoja's Mission

Umoja Program Scholars (UPS) actively serves students and promotes academic success for all, with a special emphasis on African-American students. The program is designed to help students make a smooth transition to college and successfully transfer to a four-year university.

The Umoja Program Scholars curriculum is designed to improve skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking. Umoja Program Scholar's faculty and staff firmly believe that all students can and will learn when given "intentional and deliberate" guidance and instructional support.

Umoja Vision Statement

Umoja Program Scholars is a powerful experience that transforms and touches students' lives by providing a supportive and safe learning environment where every voice is heard and acknowledged.

Student Benefits

With emphasis on topics relevant to the African-American experience, the curriculum focuses on improving reading, writing, self-discipline, and critical thinking skills. Program counselors also provide assistance with personal issues that often hinder students from succeeding in an educational environment. 

Umoja Program Scholars program staff are "intentional and deliberate" in providing students with a variety of tools and resources which help them in achieving their goals. Instructors, counselors, and program staff also use community building strategies to enhance learning potential.


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